Перед ними лежат приключения, но за собой они оставляют только хаос (с) Samurai Champloo; Very Black Knight
Милли и Ривалз поддерживают Ферму))
Из буклета Complete Best.

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Rivalz: So… President. A lot of time had passed since then.
Milly: What? Rivalz.
Rivalz: That Emperor Lelouch. Is that really our Lelouch?
Milly: I see. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Really.
Rivalz: That guy is definitely not Lelouch! No matter how, I think, however, that is just like Lelouch.
Milly: Me too. I also thought of both.
Rivalz: President, I.
Milly: Uh?
Rivalz: I may be an idiot. I see it myself. I don’t wish to believe that Lelouch is dead. I think he is alive.
Milly: I see. Hey, Rivalz.
Rivalz: Um.
Milly: We finally talk about him.
Rivalz: Um.
Milly: Sometimes, I wonder. (Unexpectedly/Surprise?) Let’s say, he will return, by chance. He is good at tricks. He likes to surprise people.
Rivalz: President, I thought of remaining at Ashford before however.
Milly: Repeating the year? Just like me.
Rivalz: You know, this, like teachers, like various.
Milly: Stop it. That’s not like you.
Rivalz: But, Lelouch may come back, isn’t it.
Milly: That Lelouch, like he will care about where you are.
Rivalz: I see.
Milly: As for you, you shall move with your direction in life. I think Lelouch will be proud.
Rivalz: I hope that guy is alright. Will he be troubled like punctured flat tyre somewhere alone I wonder (?).
Milly: Maybe.
Rivalz: Ah, I will graduate very soon, of course as a glory of Ashford Student Council. Farewell.
Milly: Haha, foolish. Just a change of form and location (?).

translated by Pink-chan

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